Why Do we Help
South Bend make Friends?

If we want the South Bend-Elkhart region to be the best place in the Midwest to live, work, and play – and to do that, we need opportunities for people to build human connections with others in the region. Today more than ever, people crave human connection. As author and fellow Hoosier Kurt Vonnegut argues, “the most pervasive American disease is loneliness.”

Our mission is to eradicate loneliness in the South Bend-Elkhart region… by connecting one person at a time. 


Many people who seek out Connect 574 events are experiencing some of the growing pains of adulthood – the disappearance of community and social ties. 

Perhaps you’ve graduated from college or graduate school, and your built-in community is suddenly gone! Maybe you moved here for a job, or for your spouses’ job, and are away from family, friends, and familiarity. 

The important thing to know is that you’re not alone! There are thousands of adults, young and old, who are finding it difficult to find and make friends.

Connect 574 is the social club for the new generation. With our signature spin on social events which groups people into teams and encourages collaboration while having friendly competition, we’ve helped hundreds of attendees meet new people and start forming friendships. 

Connect 574 focuses on making people feel connected with the South Bend-Elkhart region – first and foremost by helping them find friends and a sense of belonging. 

Secondly, we host events and hangouts at a diverse selection of different venues across the community so people are given a chance to explore and find new favorite hidden gems in the South Bend-Elkhart region!

The final ingredient of our special sauce is our online portal, which gives people access to interest groups where they can find others who share their interests. Foodies, dog parents, do-gooders, and sports fans can all find people who share their passions on the Connect 574 portal!


The community only works with YOU! 

Join our online portal where you can start meeting people who share your interests, find out about upcoming events, and make connections across the South Bend-Elkhart region! 


Join Our Portal!

Stay up to date on the latest event updates, meet other members, and stay connected with the Connect 574 Network we are building! 

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