Connect 574

Helping you find Friends

Do you relate to any of these challenges?

Unsure whether to call this region home because of a lack of connection to the community itself.

Eager to make an impact in the community, but then not sure where to start.

Difficult to meet new people to hang out with during the week and weekends.

Moved here for a job, but don’t know where people “hang out.”

Not interested in going to events alone.



Whether you are from here, or just moved here from out of state, humans crave connectedness to people and community. We are on a mission to make this easier for you in the South Bend Elkhart Region.

We are early in the process, but working hard to make our vision a reality. Become a free Connect 574 member today and help us to grow our network and platform into something you truly love and value.

We hope that one day you feel that this community is truly your “home.”

Party With Us!

Join us for Howl at the Moon dueling pianos at our first Birthday Bash this Saturday, February 3rd! Tickets are still available! 

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