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Helping you find Friends

Does this sound like you?

“That event sounds like so much fun! But, I don’t really want to go alone…”

“Ever since college ended, all my friends moved away and now I’m starting from scratch.”

“I’m super excited about this new job in a new town! But how do I make friends outside of the workplace?”

“I’d love to start volunteering – I wonder, are there any others around who have the same passions as I do?”

“It’s a Wednesday night… guess I’ll just pop on Netflix… again.” 

Have you heard of this thing called pickleball? It sounds fun, but I don’t have anyone to play with, so why should I bother learning?”

“I miss my friends and family back home so much… will South Bend ever start to feel like home?”


Find Friends.
Connect to the 574.
Join Our Community.

Three Connect 574 members hold the sign at the March Madness social party at Corby's Irish Pub

No matter who you are, we all crave connectedness to people and community. Connect 574 is on a mission to make this easier for you in the South Bend-Elkhart region.

Our signature social events are designed so you can meet new people and form quick bonds, and our online portal makes it easy for you to locate others who share your interests and passions.

Become a free Connect 574 member today and help us to grow our network and platform into something you truly love and value.

We hope that one day you feel that this community is truly your “home.”

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